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Clearing an agent in Time Wizard

To clear an agent that can't sign into Time Wizard, you have to do a DFU on SCEMPTM file in SCDATA and fix either the Start or End time or delete the whole record. Client must supply employee number and start and end time before you begin.

Go to a command line: 

  • Type in STRDFU 
  • Hit enter
  • Take option 5. Update data using temporary program
  • Type in SCEMPTM in the Data file field
  • Type in SCDATA in the Library field
  • Type in *First in the Member field
  • Hit enter

You will need to enter info pertaining to the user into the below fields and review before making changes.

  • EWPNO: Employee number
  • EWDTE: Date of issue CCYYMMDD
  • Hit enter
  • Page down to see transactions for the day
  • Correct any changes and hit enter OR use F23 twice to delete an entry


keywords: ?Time ?Wizard

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