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Backup Messages from the Nightly Checking the Joblog

Here is how you can check the joblog for the backup. This is useful if you get an error from the nightly that the backup didn't complete.

  • From a command line type   "WRKJOB BACKUP" and hit Enter
  • This screen will display,                                                                   
    Option  Job         User        Number  Type      -----Status-----  System   
     _      BACKUP      NIGHTLY     350721  BATCH     OUTQ              12/14/09 
     _      BACKUP      NIGHTLY     348988  BATCH     OUTQ              12/13/09 
     _      BACKUP      NIGHTLY     348680  BATCH     OUTQ              12/12/09 
     _      BACKUP      NIGHTLY     347902  BATCH     OUTQ              12/11/09


  • Select option "1" on the date in question:
  • Enter a "4" on the command line to work with spooled files 
  • Select option "5" to display 
  • Enter a B in the Control field and hit enter to go to the bottom
  • Page up to look for the error

Tip: In the find field you can also look for the last occance of "INZTAP" (there could be several). and start from there to look for an error.

Error Example:
 Message . . . .  :   Volume on device TAP01 is write protected.                 
 Cause . . . . . . :   One of the following occurred: -- If the volume is a reel 

NOTE: Possible issue is that there is a lock on an object or a data area (if suspect or find that it's a data area- search for "DTAARA"



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