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Creating User Print Queues

  • Sign on to the system as QSECOFR 
  • On the command line key in CRTOUTQ (create outq) and hit enter 
  • In the first line (Output queue……….______________Name) key in the name of the outq and hit enter (if you make the name the same as user id it makes it easier to manage) 
  • You will see a message that the outq created successfully 
  • On the command line key in CHGUSRPRF (change user profile) and hit enter 
  • Key in the user ID of the person you are assigning the outq to and hit enter 
  • Hit F10 for additional parameters and page down 2 or 3 times (depends on user’s set up) until you see these fields:

                 Output queue………._________ Name,*SAME, *WRKSTN, *DEV

                 Library……….______________ Name, *LIBL, *CURLIB 

  • Key in the name of the outq that you created in the output queue field (1st line above) and key in QGPL in the library field (2nd line above) and hit enter 
  • User will need to sign off and sign back on 
  • They can then type in DS at the ready for option prompt and hit enter to access their outq 
  •  All print jobs for that user will now go to the new outq

Note: In order to print any jobs from an outq the user will need to change the job to an assigned printer.


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  1. Jacob Thompson

    Receiving a "User QSECOFR cannot sign on" error when trying to follow these instructions. Please advise.