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How to Transfer a File to the I-Series (AS400) from a PC using FTP from a Windows command box

How to transfer a file to the I-Series (AS400) from a PC

* Save the file in C:\ on your PC
* Then click the start button in the window screen  
* Click  run and  type “cmd “ and click ok
* It will present you with a DOS screen.
* At the DOS Screen type   “cd  c:\”   and hit enter. (C:\ is where you placed the file to be transferred).
* After that you have to type FTP and the IPAddress of the I-Series (ex: in the DOS box and hit “enter”.
Example:     “C:\>ftp”     and  hit the enter key
You will be prompted for you I-Series (AS400) user name and password.Ex: User ( JOHNS             Enter password.          Password: XXXXXXX

Note: IF THIS IS A PROGRAM CHANGE FROM QUANTRAX ONLY YOU MUST!:  type “bin” and hit enter (This puts the FTP into “binary” Mode). If this is a text file or other type of file you do not want to type “bin”

* After that, you have to type location of the PC file and transfer location of I-Series as below and hit enter. You will be using the FTP “put” command to take the file from the C:\ location and transferring (copying)  it to the new location that you will specify on the I-Series.

Ex: If you saved test.txt in C:\ (as instructed above)       “ftp> put C:\test.txt   SCDATA/testfile.testfile” 
(You are typing “put”  (space)  “file location on the PC”  (Space)  “location (library) on the I-Series /Name you want the file to be on the I-Series” (enter) )

* Where SCDATA is the library and the testfile is file name in the I-Series. You can use whatever the file name instead of “testfile”.

NOTE: If this is a program change we will give instructions of where (library) to put the file using what name, i.e:“SCMOD/@@RCVF.@@RCVF so it will retrieve the code directly to the proper library.”

* After transferring the file, You have to type the quit command and enter from the DOS box

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