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Recreating the Credit Card Report/File

The credit card option to "print and delete credit card transactions". Once you run this option all the credit card information for the eligible transactions is deleted, and this option cannot be used to retrieve/recreate duplicate information.

What to do if you need to re-create this report due to loss of the report or spool file:

NOTE: Follow these instructions exactly

  • Load last night's backup file into the tape drive
  • Create a temporary library on the I-Series -  From command line type CRTLIB RSTCCPAY and hit enter
  • You will need to restore the files SCCCARD and SCCCPAY  and SCCCPAYE into this new library from the backup -  From command line type GO MAIN and hit enter

This will give you a 2 line command line. Copy and paste the 2 lines below on the command lines:

Selection or command                                                          


NOTE: DEV(TAP01) This option is where you state the name of your backup device. In our example, and for many users,  it is TAP01. You may need to confirm what device name is you use for your backup if TAP01 does not work        


  • Add the temporary library to your library list - ADDLIBLE RSTCCPAY
  • Re-run the report " print and delete credit card transactions"
  • Sign off the I-Series, sign back on, and delete the temporary library - DLTLIB RSTCCPAY

Note: Since you are restoring the files to a temporary library, your staff can continue to work as normal

Note: Any credit cards added today will not be on the report


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