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Recreating a Metro 2 Credit Reporting File

You can recreate the credit reporting file from the second utility menu - option "recreate Metro 2 credit reporting file by run date"

Before running this option:

  • This option is company specific
  • Copy your existing credit reporting file(s) to a different name (as a backup)
  • Locate and delete the file SCCRDME2 + company# for the company you need to recreate (ex.SCCRDME201 where 01 is the company#)
  • If you use the feature to create 1 file for each credit bureau you will ALSO have to locate and delete the files SCM2EQFX + company#, SCM2EXPN + company#, SCM2TRNU + company#, SCM2INVS + company# that exist for the company you need to recreate           
  • Sign into the company that you want to recreate
  • Go to UT menu and take option to "recreate Metro 2 credit reporting file by run date"
  • Specify the original date you ran the file on (the system will look in the notes to see how that account was reported and when and recreate the file)

NOTE: If you have multiple companies, you need to run this process for each company that needs to be recreated


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