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Creating a Credit Reporting File

Before you start reporting to the credit bureau, you should contact Quantrax regarding any special requirements you may have. E.g. Type of reporting, number of companies you report to, initial reporting impact, start date, special modifications to the standard credit reporting format, etc

Once Quantrax has confirmed that you are ready to run credit reporting, you should do the following:

  • Set up the system control file for credit reporting (system control menu - credit reporting)
  • Set up client master (management menu – client update) to flag any client that should be reported
  • Set up state options parameter (system control menu 2 - state options) to flag any state that should not be reported. This is only valid for accounts posted after this system control file is set up
  • run credit reporting option (periodic reports menu - credit reporting file creation)

Note: If you get a message "prior file exist - job continues" it means there was a problem with a prior run, and you must call Quantrax for assistance.


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