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Credit Reporting Flag Definitions

Below are a list of the credit reporting flags and their definitions:
  • Blank = New on xx/xx/xx (not yet reported to the credit bureau - the xx/xx/xx = the eligibility date)
  • 1 = Reported-NEW (has been reported to the credit bureau)
  • 2 = Reported-PIF (has been reported to the credit bureau as a PIF)
  • 3 = Reported-WDRAWN (has been reported to the credit bureau as withdrawn based on an inactive close code or specified description code)
  • 4 = Do not report (has never been reported and is not eligible to be reported)


In certain cases (like disputes) the credit reporting flag will also be associated with a note added to the account notes.

If the flag on the account is 4 do not report the only way the account can be reported in the future is by applying a smart code with a "Y" in the feature  “credit report as new account (Y)".

The credit reporting flag field is GCRFLG and is located in the SCACCT file. 

When accounts are suppressed by balance for and not credit reported, they are flagged with a 4 "Do not report" in the system. If there is a change to the balance to report, you must use a smart code to reset the credit reporting flag to report as "NEW" for those accounts to be included.

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