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Flagging an Account for Credit Reporting

Providing your client is set up to credit report, there are two features that allow you to flag an account for credit reporting:

  • Initial contact series “credit reporting delay” field (system control menu - contact series definition)

Note: This will flag the account with a credit reporting eligibility date. The credit reporting eligibility date is calculated as placement date + credit reporting delay (for Medical clients the CCT # of days is used). Only the initial contact series from the client master will do this. Once the account has been flagged the credit reporting eligibility date is retained in the system even if the contact series is changed or stopped

  •  Apply a smart code (system control menu - smart codes) with a "Y" in the field “credit report as new account (Y)”

Note: This will report the account on the next credit reporting run after the credit reporting eligibility date has passed 



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