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Credit Card Processing

Options that are involved in credit card processing:

Payment Transaction Menu

  • Daily payment report options
  • Print and delete credit card transactions
           You have selected an option to print and            
                  delete credit card information                 
           Please enter (Y) to confirm your selection            
                  Press enter to continue  F7-exit               
       warning - all selected transactions will be deleted.

Enter a “Y” to proceed                                                          
        The selected transactions will be loaded         
           into a payment batch. Select "N" if           
            a payment batch is NOT required              
            Press enter to continue  F7-cancel

Hit enter to proceed

Select the payment batch number and hit enter

Payment Transaction Menu

  • Debtor/Agency entry
    Hit F7 and select the edit reports you would normally select
    review and approve the edit reports
  • Debtor/Agency posting and post your transactions



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