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I-Series Operating System Shortcuts

  • DA - Work with active jobs (I-Series command WRKACTJOB)
  • DF - Work with spool file for all users (I-Series command WRKSPLF SELECT (*ALL))
  • DJ - Work with submitted jobs (I-Series command WRKSBMJOB)
  • DM - Work with messages (I-Series command WRKMSG)
  • DO - Work with messages for the system operator (I-Series command WRKMSG MSGQ (QSYSOPR))
  • DP - Work with the RMEx output queue for print job (I-Series command WRKOUTQ OUTQ (NAME)) NAME = the output queue set up on the company information system controls
  • DS - Work with spool file for user  (I-Series command WRKSPLF)
  • OV - Start office vision/400, if installed on your I-Series
  • WS - Work with system status (I-Series command WRKSYSSTS)



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