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Queue Consolidations by Client Code May Not Be Selecting the Amount of Accounts Expected.

IF you run a Queue Consolidation by Client, and are not selecting as many accounts as you think you should, this may be because the consolidation is NOT looking at ALL the accounts in the linked group for that consumer. Only the client on the PRIMARY account (Which are the ones created and presented to the agents in their work queues). 

On the Queue Consolidation, Next to clients to include,  we have a field called "Links (Y) "

  •  A "Y" in "Links":  "Clients to include" will look not only at the PRIMARY for that client number, BUT will look at all the open accounts in that consumers linked group  for that client number, and may increase the number of accounts selected for this consolidation. 
  • If BLANK in "Links":  "Clients to include" will look ONLY at the Primary Account for selecting the accounts by client number,  and DOES NOT look at the linked accounts to see if  there are any linked accounts with that client number (Different from the primary).

A BLANK in this field can be helpful when working a client that may not link to other clients OR a client that wants you focus on them and to contact the consumer ONLY in that clients name. 

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