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Making Decisions Based Only on the Primary Account

Making decisions (on a linked group) based on the primary. An example of this would be if you score accounts and only put the scores on the primary. You may want to take actions on all the linked accounts based on this score.
  • Selection line: In the "?" logic have it look for the "primary" using the criteria, "primaryaccount" (on version 8.25 and above)
  • Action line: Have it take the action on the account desired. If you need this action to duplicate to all the linked accounts. On the note line where you can apply a smart code on an account using asterisks (E.g: *100*) , if you put "DUP" after the smart code on the note line, the smart code will duplicate. E.g: " *100*DUP "
  • On the back pages of the smart code make sure this smart code duplicates on linked accounts.

Based on this...
The smart code will duplicate on all the linked accounts
Based on the selection criteria, will select the primary only.
It will then apply another smart code on the primary that will duplicate on all linked accounts.



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