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Smart Codes forcing them to meet a condition so it will not apply ( Do not allow if decisions are not met )

When a user applies a smart code, you may wish to check certain conditions before allowing the user to proceed. E.g. In order to transfer an account to a skip-tracer it must not have a phone number and the linked balance must be greater than $200. If these conditions are not met, the user should not be allowed to apply the smart code. You can accomplish these objectives by setting up the conditions and actions within the smart code and then setting up the option called "do not allow if no decisions are met". If none of the conditions on the selection criteria are met, the user will receive a message and will not be able to apply the smart code.

Note: This goes for legal accounts also. If you want to apply this smart code on legal accounts you need to have a "Y" in "Make decisions on legals (Y)"



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