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Dialer Hold Accounts are Going to Dialer

If an account needs to be prevented from going to a dialer file it will be placed into the temporary qcat 998; provided the following conditions exist:

  • Having a "stop dialer" description code on at least one of the accounts within a linked group and that account is open. Or, that description code is on the primary account. Even if the primary account is closed, accounts will not be sent to the dialer because of that description code. (This description code is designated at the system parameters level)

The system parameter option on system control menu must have:

  • Auto-dialler installed (Y) - "Y" in this field
  • Stop dialler codes - description code to stop dialer   


  1. Keep in mind that a dialer hold description code alone does not omit an account from the dialer. It's the fact that the dialer hold description code puts the account in qcat 998 during the nightly. So, if you add that description code after the nighly has completed, it could still be called. If you are applying a smart code during the day that adds that description code on the account, we would suggest that you modify the smart code to delete the account from account processing.
  2. Do not apply system generated qcats to an accounts, they are reserved for the system.



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