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Account is not Being Sent to the Dialer

There are several reasons an account may not be sent to the dialer: 

  • Account is not eligible to be worked so it is not in account processing (see account processing topic - account is not appearing in account processing) 
  • Account has been worked 
  • Account has a non-dialer QCat or description code on it 
  • Account was selected by another queue consolidation 
  • Queue consolidation needs to be reviewed to see if it was set up properly
  • There is not a "Y" in the system parameter option - field "auto-dialler installed (Y)"
  • The account is being deleted from the work queue by the disaster area rules
  • The I-Tel dialer code is not populated on the UserID

If an account is eligible to be worked, the audit notes screen (from the account detail screen, F11-notes, F10-audit notes) will display the following: 

  • User ID - The user ID associated with the account 
  • Type - Processing type associated with the account 
  • QCat - Qcat associated with the account 
  • T/Frame - Time frame associated with the account 
  • Recall - Recall info on the account 
  • Worked? - An upper case “Y” means the account has already been worked today, a lower case "y" means the account is in the process of being worked and a lower case "t" means the account has not yet been worked due to the time zone
  • I-Tel Q - The I-Tel Q name that the account is in


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