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Queue Consolidations By User and Client, and the order they are Processed including - what is "First pass"?

Queue Consolidations allow you to select accounts by client, or by user ID, and move them to another Processing Type, QCat and Time Frame to make it easy for that account to be found and worked. The option can be found here: 

Main menu>  I-Tel options menu>  Queue consolidation options

There are two types of consolidations: 

2. Multiple user consolidation rules (Nightly processing) 

7. Multiple user consolidation rules by client (Nightly processing)

In the nightly the FIRST to run is the "Multiple user consolidation rules", THEN  the "By client". 

With 2 types of Multiple Consolidations, what if an account qualifies for more than one Consolidation?

AN ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANY OTHER CONSOLIDATION ONCE IT HAS ALREADY BEEN SELECTED: The first Consolidation an account qualifies for - THAT is the consolidation it will end up in. Even if it qualifies for other consolidations down the line. So if it qualifies for a "Multiple user consolidation rules", it will be ignored by the "Multiple user consolidation rules by client". etc. 

Consolidation priorities: When you have several consolidations an account could qualify for (In either "user consolidation rules" or "By client"), what consolidation is considered first?

When you do an F3 search in the consolidation THAT IS THE ORDER THEY ARE PROCESSED by the nightly. 

NOTE: The names of the consolidations can use alpha, numeric, or other characters. Here is the priority seen for selection. 

  • spaces first (Consolidation starts with a space THEN the name) 
  • Then characters (like # sign)
  • Then alpha
  • Then numbers

"First pass" option in both types of Consolidations and how to move a Consolidation to the top of the list. 

Within the Consolidation there is a field called "First pass". A "Y" in this field will tell the nightly to put THIS consolidation to the top of the list. 

Example: You have 3 consolidations called:

  1. Alpha consolidation
  2. Beta consolidation
  3. Gamma consolidation

If you need the Gamma consolidation selection to be considered first tonight. Just put a "Y" in the "First pass" option for the Gamma consolidation and it will be considered first, then the rest in the sort order already mentioned. And remember that once an account is selected it is NO LONGER eligible for other consolidations. 

NOTE: Remember, the "Multiple user consolidation rules" will ALWAYS run before the "By client" consolidation. This does not bypass the order of consolidation.

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