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Balance Type Payment Distribution Order Option

You can specify a "distribution order", how payments are to be applied to different balance types when a payment is received at the balance type level.

  •  Distribution order is the order in which the different balance types should be paid off
  •  The distribution order is defined in balance types system controls (system control menu - balance types)
  •  You have the ability to set up the distribution order based on the company or a specific client code 

How the field is used to indicate the sort order in which a payment should be distributed among the different balance types:

  • The distribution sort order numbers are blank, 1 - 9
  • You can use a sort order number multiple times
  • Blank is always the last thing posted
  • When the system reaches the multiple sort order number it will then distribute the payment in balance type order

Ex. You have set up:
Balance types               Sort order numbers          How the system will distribute the payment                        
PRIMARY (P)                               2                                                    2nd                         
  1.    (1)                                    1                                                    1st 
  2.    (2)                                    3                                                    3rd
  3.    (3)                                    3                                                    4th
  4.    (4)                                    4                                                    6th
  5.    (5)                                    5                                                    7th
  6.    (6)                                    3                                                    5th
  7.    (7)                                    6                                                    8th
  8.    (8)                                    7                                                    9th
  9.    (9)                                (blank)                                               12th  
 10.   (10)                                  8                                                   10th
INTEREST(I)                               9                                                   11th



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