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Using the Payment Distribution Features in Payment Entry

To access this feature you need to have either an "A" or "Y" in the payment entry field details on part pmt.(Y,A,D).

There are 6 options within this feature and the options can be changed by hitting the F10-Chg.method key:  

  • Oldest first-applies the payment to the oldest placed account
  • By proportion-distributes the payment proportionately across the linked accounts based on the linked account balances Note: If an account should receive a payment amount that is less than $5.00 the system will redistribute this amount to the other linked accounts that qualify for payment amounts over $5.00. If all the accounts should receive a payment amount less than $5.00 the system will place the $5.00 on a blank line so you can decide how to distribute it.
  • Newest first-applies the payment to the newest placed account
  • By comm. rate-applies the payment to the account with the highest commission rate
  • Clnt. priority-applies the payment to the client with the highest priority (this is set up on the client master-field "priority for payment distribution (A-Z)")
  • User-defined-allows the user to distribute the payment any way the user chooses


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