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Do not Display Accounts with Specific Close Codes

It is sometimes necessary to stop a collector or any other user from seeing pertinent information on accounts closed with certain close codes. For example, an account which was placed in error and returned to the client should not be discussed "accidentally" with a debtor. There are options available:

  • The close code field "special code" (system control menu – close codes). If an “N” is entered in this field then the system will not show the client name, the placement amount, the placement date or the account balance when accounts with this close code accessed through account processing or Inquiry
  • There is a description code field “special warning message ____” (system control menu - description codes). When this feature is activated the system will restricts any user from accessing an account as long as the description code exists on that account. If an user needs to access the account you will need to give them access (system control menu – system security)
  • If the account is closed with an inactive close code the account balance will not be included in the linked balance, but the data can be viewed if the account is accessed through account processing or inquiry
  • Purging the accounts would remove the account and stop it from being displayed, but a purge is not an option that can be run frequently



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