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Nightly Processing Steps

The following is a summary of the steps that occur during the nightly processing:

  • The smart code processing program is stopped. If there are smart codes which have not been processed, they are then processed. There are potential problems if a large number of smart codes have not been processed at the time nightly processing starts, and this situation should be avoided if possible. (Usually a result of a multiple smart code assignment)
  • Standard reports such as the daily collector activity summary, operator productivity, payment receipts and payment detail reports
  • Customized special processing (e.g. a dialer upload)
  • New account linking and application of smart codes for linking
  • Smart codes applied for new accounts based on client master
  • Interest calculations
  • Contact series processing including application of smart codes
  • Smart code series processing
  • Payment arrangement processing - update total due, select reminder or late letters, transfer to collectors and apply smart codes
  • Account transfers (to a different client)
  • Special Reports selected during nightly processing set up
  • Post-dated check letters
  • Payment receipt letter processing
  • Processing of selected letters
  • Creating of main letter file with reports for successful and failed letters
  • Printing of all letters
  • Daily acknowledgements
  • Smart code warning reports (if smart codes were set up with a print option)
  • Printing insurance forms (medical billing)
  • Customized special processing such as dialer download file creation
  • Account processing and work maps
  • Transfer notes from daily file to main notes file
  • Clear daily transaction files (payments, new business etc.)
  • Backup RMEx data
  • Power down and restart system, along with the smart code processing program

NOTE: Some processes can be omitted from the nightly processing if required. Parts of the nightly processing can be ran while users are on the system by using the feature “delay second part of nightly processing until (HHMM)” (system control menu - company information)


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