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Regular Accounts did not go to the Dialer

The "regular download" (as opposed to the contact series download) can be run on demand or scheduled to be run during nightly processing using the option "create download (regular accounts)" from the daily operations menu.

If the accounts are eligible to be selected for account processing (collector work map) but are not being sent to the dialer, please check the following.

  • Does the account have a phone number?
  • Does the account have a future follow-up date on it?
  • Does the account have a payment arrangement, future direct check, post dated check or future credit card or credit card series set up on it?
  • Does the account have a work phone number only, and have you selected the option to "omit with work phone only"?
  • Is the account closed? 
  • Have you selected the correct worker codes, processing types etc.?
  • Have you omitted accounts worked after a certain date?
  • Have you sent the correct file to the dialer?
  • Does the account have a QCat code which is set up to be omitted from the dialer? These accounts will be in a separate QCat on the work map and will have to be worked from account processing. (The option to omit a QCat code from the dialer is on the QCat codes system control file)
  • Does the account, or one of the open linked accounts for this consumer, have a description code which has to be omitted from the dialer? (This option is set up on the system parameters system control file) These accounts will appear in different Processing Types under the special QCat code of "dialer holds"

NOTE: Accounts must be eligible for account processing before they will qualify for the dialer file.



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