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Contact Series Accounts did not go to the Dialer

The contact series can be used to send accounts to a dialer. If accounts are not being sent to the dialer as expected, check the following.

  • Has the contact series been set up correctly?  
  • Account may not qualify do to set up of field repeat dialler attempts every __ days ( default is 1 day) in client master. 
  • Check the number of records in the file SCXDCS. This is the file created during nightly processing for the contact series dialer download. If this file has no records, verify that the "auto-dialer installed" option is set up on the (system control menu - system parameters).
  • If there are records in SCXDCS, did you run the program to transfer accounts to the dialer?
  • Are the accounts still in the contact series and open? (the contact series sequence on the second detail screen must be less than 9)
  • Do the accounts have a future follow-up date?
  • Do the accounts have a payment arrangement, future direct checks, post dated checks, future credit cards or credit card series set up on them?
  • Do the accounts have a phone number?
  • Do the accounts have a description code which should be omitted from the dialer?
  • Has contact series processing been omitted from nightly processing?
  • Account may no go to the dialer if the account qualifies for a disaster area. Check the disaster area options


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