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The QCat Code

The QCat code allows you to group accounts within the different processing types on the work map (when accounts are presented from the account processing menu), assisting collectors and other users with the management of their work (E.g. disputes, insurance accounts etc.).

  • Every account has a QCat
  • The QCat can be defined at the time of account entry
  • The QCat can be changed in the smart code "window" or through the actions on a smart code
  • If an account does not have a user defined QCat, the system will assign the standard QCat 000 
  • You can define a QCat's presentation order
  • If a sort order is not specified for a QCat code, accounts are sorted by date last worked, except in the following processing types:
  1. In the case of broken promises and follow-up dates, accounts are sorted by oldest follow-up date first. 
  2. With new business, accounts are presented in placement date order
  • Specify whether accounts in a QCat should be sent to the dialer or not
  • When accounts are selected for account processing, the system will create certain system-generated "temporary" QCat codes on the work map if there is no user defined QCat on the account
  • Because system generated QCats are "temporary" they are normally not recognized by other system parameters such as smart codes and display accounts for audit. However, the collector reassignments will recognize system generated QCats 992 and 993 when enter in the field "QCat codes (other than 000)
  • The presentation order for QCat codes 991-999 can be changed by setting them up in the system controls 
  • It is possible to stop some of the system-generated QCats from being created using the option Stop system-generated QCat codes (Y) (system control menu – system parameters)

The system-generated QCat codes are: 

  • 991 - Cell phone only (cannot be stopped)
  • 992 - No phones (cannot be stopped)
  • 993 - Skips (cannot be stopped)
  • 994 - New business exists 
  • 995 - Broken payment arrangement 
  • 996 - Paying accounts 
  • 997 - New business hold 
  • 998 - Dialer holds (cannot be stopped)
  • 999 - No phones for processing types – new business, broken promises and dated follow ups

NOTE: If you do not define a sort order for the system generated QCats, the system will sort them based on the QCat that exists on the account that was selected for account processing.

NOTE: Do not apply system generated QCats to accounts, they are reserved for the system only.



NOTE: QCats 991, 992 and 999 only look at the account detail screen. Tab+ is not considered.



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