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Possible Looping Smart Code Message

If a smart code is set up to apply other smart codes and the other smart codes in turn apply other smart codes you could potentially create an issue where the same smart code gets applied over and over.

Quantrax calls this “looping”. 

Looping is described as “the same smart code being applied more than four times within the same time and date stamp.

If the system detects this “looping” of smart codes the system will: 

  • Disable the offending smart code(s) and all the overrides associated by placing a “Y” in the “not allowed” field on the smart code(s)
  • Issue the message “possible looping- s code” to notify you of which base smart code was disabled and the case# that caused the looping. There is a feature on the Company Information system controls - "User ID s for Smart Code disabled message", which allows you to control which Users the message is delivered to
  • Issue a message in the nightly INTELOPR messages

You need to:

  • Research your smart codes to find out where the “looping” is occurring and correct it
  • Remove the “Y” from the “not allowed” field on the smart code(s) 


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