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Letter Request Option - Requesting a First Letter

The "letter request options" menu option: main menu--> system control--> letter codes--> hit function key "F7-Exit"

Field: "If none sent--------> send __ apply smart code ____ override___"

This option lets you send a letter or apply a smart code or, do both (send a letter and apply a smart code).
You do not have to use the field "send" if there is more than one letter used as a first notice.. Applying a smart code here gives you the option to make decisions on what letter to send.

Field: "letters to check"
If you need to check more than 5 letter codes:
  • Put a dummy letter code in the "letters to check"
  • Do not use the "send" field to send a 1st notice
  • Use "apply smart code" field to check letters sent and if need be send 1st notice.

NOTE: For linked accounts, the smart code applied from the field "apply smart code", applies to individual accounts, which means that more than one copy of the same letter could go out for a linked group of accounts, on the same day.

RMEx/smart code fact: This is brought up based on the fact that a duplicating smart code that sends a letter will only send a letter on the account that the smart code was applied to, and not on any of the linked accounts where the smart code is duplicated.



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