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Sending Letters in States You have Stopped Letters using Letter Translation

Sending letters in states you have stopped letters using letter translation - If you cannot work in a certain state, you can stop letters in that state. Many states are adding new rules that want companies servicing certain types of debt, to send a letter to the consumer with a specific notification. This is not a collection letter or demand for payment, but a notification you may be allowed to send, even if you have no license to collect in the state. If you have stopped letters in a state, letters will not go out! How can you make the letter go out in this special case? We have made some changes that will allow you bypass letter translation by state and send a letter in any state, even if the translation is set up to stop the letter. The option is set up at the letter codes level, on the system control file. On the second screen, there is a new option "bypass state letter translation (Y)". A "Y" in this field will bypass state letter translation rules (changing the letter or stopping it). This will only apply to the following :

* Requesting letters from the smart code window
* Contact series letters
* Any letters that get requested as selected letters (appear on the F10, second account detail screen). These include letters requested though the smart code system control file (standard letter, and letters sent through decisions/actions). It does not include other letters such as post-date reminders or P/A letters.

This is a powerful option. It is needed for some of you. Use it with care!



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