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Stopping all Letters or sending only one Letter to a Specific State including Disaster Areas

Following are options for controlling all letters to a specific state:

  1. To stop all letters from going to a state - Go to the System Control Menu - Letter translation table - Enter the state code and  leave the letter code field "blank" and  put a "Y" in stop letter
  2. To allow/send only one specific letter to a state - Enter the state code - leave the letter code field "blank" -  put a letter code in the send letter field. No matter what letter is requested this 1 letter will always be generated
  3. There is another option which is found at the State Options from the System Control Menu 2 that is primarily to allow you to stop working accounts in a disaster area. That option also allows you to stop letters. What it will actually do is keep letters pending and not send them until you remove the stop. It will also stop any letters from a contact series. Contact series may show sequance 0 ( zero ), and will not progress forward. 





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