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Letter Translation Tables: Send Different Letters OR Stop them based on State, Descriptions Codes Etc.

Letter translation is requesting a letter to be sent on an account and making a different decision based on the state, client number, client group number, collector code or description code on the account. The letter translation features (system control menu -letter translation tables):

  • You can send a completely different letter than the one being requested
  • A letter request can be stopped
  • It eliminates the need for a collector having to remember different letter rules. The collector simply requests a letter
  • If you are doing letter translation based on collector code, the system looks at the owner of the account, not the worker code.
  • Letter translation for payment arrangement letters is not available by client. Because a debtor may have accounts listed with several clients, it would be improper to translate the payment arrangement letter according to the rules of one client when a debtor is being contacted with a linked letter. So, letter translation of the payment arrangement letters, both late and reminder letters, only takes place by collector, state and description code.
  • Translated letter code options need to be setup identical to the original letter requested.
    • When doing a letter translation, it is assumed that your sending the same type of letter, but with different wording. Therefore the letter code options for the letter requested, and the letter that is actually sent, need to be setup the same. The actual text/merge codes for these two letters are what makes each letter different.



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