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Making Decisions on Accounts with Payments

Smart codes can be set up to make decisions based on a range of circumstances. Sometimes you may wish to have different rules for debtors who have paid. There are several options which can be used in this area.

a) On the selection criteria within the smart code decisions you can check for a number of days with no payment or for the fact that there has never been a payment from the debtor, considering all of the linked accounts.

b) You can specify that a different smart code should be used if there has been a payment on any of the debtor's accounts. The option "for prior payment look up smart code" will ignore the smart code which was applied and use the one specified in that field.

c) On the system control file for payment codes (second system control menu) you can indicate that a smart code should be applied when a payment transaction is processed. This allows you to check several conditions and take specific actions each time a payment is posted. This feature allows you to omit debtors who are on a payment arrangement or have post-dated checks.


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