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Re-Opening a Closed Account

A smart code could be used to open a closed account. (A special code can be entered in the close code area of the actions, or the option to open linked accounts could be selected)

If one of the options is specified but a closed account is not being opened, check that the options "open through smart codes" or "smart codes not allowed" on the close codes system control file are not the source of the problem.

If legal accounts are involved and the option to "open linked accounts" is selected, remember that there is a feature to include or omit legal accounts.

The option called "make decisions on legals" should also be reviewed, since decisions/actions are not checked if the account is in legal or pre-legal and the option to make decisions on legal accounts has not been selected.

Remember that a paid in-full (close code "1") can not be opened. This close code is automatically removed by a payment transaction which results in a balance being created.



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