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Increase Abandoned Rate for Campaigns

Increase abandoned rate
The ability to increase the abandoned rate up to 20% is available with version 10.4 (or greater). An updated to your license key is needed to use this feature. Please request an updated license key through Quantrax.

Historically the maximum abandon rate on the dialer was 5% abandon based on connected calls. e.g. 500 calls made, 100 of those calls were connected, and 5 of the connected calls were abandon. In this example the status viewer will show abandon rate of 1% (based on total number of calls) however the maximum is based on the connected calls. (Note: Will not see 20% on status viewer for a campaign as those percentages are based on total calls rather then connected calls)

We now have the ability to increase abandon rates up to 20%. This is done based on individual campaign settings. This is done on the dialing tuning tab on the campaign properties. This can be changed while the campaign is stopped or running. This can be very useful when you wish to speed up a campaign that has a lot of non-connects (e.g. no answer, other telcos).

To use this feature please follow the below steps.

Go to campaign manager.
Click on the campaign you wish to change.
Click on the properties button.
Go to the dialing tuning tab and change the abandon rate. (image attached)
Click ok.

Please note that even thought the abandon rate field states value between 1-5% that you are able to enter a value up to 20%.

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