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Calling Same Number Twice

Dialer issue: There is a connect on an account in predictive. Shortly thereafter the same account is called again and the live call is presented to an agent.

If this is occurring and you are dialing multiple numbers in the campaign, then please try the following recommendation.

On the campaign properties, on the database input tab, click on alternative phone number and change your retry scheme for multiple numbers to "retry of not present, earliest number". You should change all the campaigns that are set up to call multiple numbers that are not using this setting.

While this is rare, this issue does occur. This happens because the record doesn't have one of the phone values listed to try. Then the system retries a phone number that does have a value and calls it too early. The setting "retry of not present earliest number" was designed to prevent this from occurring.
(For example, if you have a campaign set to dial home, work and cell and there is a record with only a home number. When the system tries the work number and there is no number, it retries the home number again since the file is still eligible to be reworked)

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