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Time Zone Control Selection

Time zone calculations are getting more complex. If you use I-Tel (We have about 30 of our clients who now use this integrated dialer!), there is an option to look at all numbers (account detail screen and other phones) to calculate the allowed calling period (APC) for an account. (I-Tel system controls, then “Time zone control selection” and then “All numbers (TAB+/Phones) – (A,D)”)


This gives you comprehensive time zone control. Suppose you are calling a cell number on an account where the home, work and cell are all in the east coast. There is a 4th number with a phone code X (other possible home number) that you have never attempted. It happens to be the spouse’s cell phone and it is a west coast number. You have called the consumer several times on their cell phone. You one day call the consumer’s (east coast) cell phone at 8 AM. The phone rings in California where the consumer is on vacation and it is 5 AM. Here you break the rule!


This feature is used by some of our larger clients who need stricter controls, and has allowed you to consider all numbers (all or consumer only) for time zone calculations. We have added some other features to this particular option. Time zones are calculated when accounts are queued during nightly processing. 


If you add a number through a phone scrub or when the account is being worked, we do not recalculate the allowed calling periods in such a case. If all the numbers on the account were east coast and you added a west coast number, the system continued to think the allowed calling period was based on only east coast numbers. This is not perfect! We have added code to dynamically recalculate time zones and APC’s whenever accounts are accessed or updated. Again, you must use the “All numbers” option for time zone calculations.

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