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Client-Level Help for Collectors

We have a new feature called “Client help” that addresses an important

area. To summarize the feature, you can set up help topics and assign codes to

each of those topics. Some topics could be client specific, while some may be

global and apply to all clients.


Once you have set up the help topics, you can now set up a help code, that you can link to a specific client group. Within the help code, you can define up to 16 help topics. The defaults that applied to all clients would be added to the list you create.


You have now set up the system controls. You can now go to the client update and set up the help code that should be used for the client. If you do not set up a help code, the defaults will still be displayed.


The set up options are on the 4th System Control Menu. There are two options -

 -Client group information (Help)

-Client help codes


Client group information is the option that allows you to set up 6-character codes and the information to be displayed when one of those codes is selected. You can also specify that the code is a “default”. This means that you want that code to be displayed for all clients.


Client help codes allow you to set up a 10-character code that you will link to a

client group. You can define up to 16 client group information codes.


The client master has the client help code added to one of the screens. Remember, the code must be set up within the client GROUP information. You

do not have to set it up on the other client screens.

You are now set! To display help options for a client, simply key in the shortcut

“CH” in the smart code field of the account detail screen and press ENTER. The client group help information codes will be displayed.

If there are any default options, you will see one option called *MORE*. This code needs to be selected, in order to display the default items. From that screen, you can select the details for any single item. There is a function key to return to the client list of group information codes.


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