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Trouble Accessing CM and or Dialer Recordings Remotely

Accessing CM and or dialer recordings:

There are a couple of ways to do this. Do you have remote access through the browser to the dialer? If you have not done this before, just open a browser session and type the IP of the dialer in the address line and enter. This contact center is only available through Windows 2000, XP and Windows server. If you are using something else or cannot gain access, follow the instructions below:


For any clients that cannot access the client loader they should follow the below steps:

Copy the following files to a drive (e.g. share drive, USB key) that the user of tools would have access to.

 Softdial campaign manager.exe (located on dialer server in C:\Softdial\CMC)

 StateViewer.exe (located on dialer server in C:\Softdial\SP)

 SoftdialPhone.exe (located on dialer server in C:\Softdial\PHO)

 RecordingViewer.exe (located on dialer server in C:\Softdial\RS)

Copy these applications from the drive to the user's computer. Do not create a shortcut to the shared location.

The users will now have the tools available via the client loader on their local machine.


If both of these do not work: Go to the recordings folder on the dialer and then select the area you need to review (power, preview or predictive - campaign). Once you find the recordings you need, copy them to a thumb drive and listen to them on another pc that has speakers.


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