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IVR Agents Stuck in Not Ready Status

Isolated Issue:

If you find that you have IVR agents in a campaign and should be dialing but isn't you likely have a setup issue.

If your IVR agents are stuck in "not ready" status in the campaign status viewer, it means that the IVR agent doesn't not have instructions in the form of a script assigned. If this is the case, use the dialer console to ensure that you assigned the correct script to the correct campaign. Double check that these values are exact, these values are case sensitive. You may wish to remove the entry and the add it back in as some mistake are easy to spot (e.g. a space at end of script name or a zero instead of the letter 'O').

Wide Spread Issue:

If you find that you have all your IVR campaigns with IVR agents stuck in not ready and no changes have been made recently to the campaigns, scripts or IVR agents your Scripter 2 service is likely hung. At which case, try recycling just the scripter 2 service to see if that resolves your issue.

If you recycle only your Scripter 2 service, it will not impact your live agents. Your agents do not need to be signed off the system while this is completed.

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