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Creating a New User

At the moment, this feature is ONLY available using CLASSIC VIEW.

Go to System Control Menu > System Security > Create new user for hosted Client

  • You have to enter the preferred User ID and answer if this is an online client or not
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT forget to put in your company’s two-character code at the beginning. Example: PS****
  • Hit ENTER and this next screen will prompt where a Name should be entered and an existing user ID will be needed to copy
    the security settings and access of this new user.
  • After successful user creation, message that states “User ID is created” will show

NOTE: If you get a message that says “User ID already setup”:

  • Confirm it has not been setup already in the System Security-> System Security (The option with the menu setup etc.)
  • Confirm that it has not been created as an actual user ID already.

Please review attached document for more details.


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