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Zero balance but not closed with a PIF (Paid in full) close code 1 - How can that happen?

Zero balance but no close code on an account , there are a couple ways this can happen. 

The first place to check would be Balance types on the F10 Second detail screen.  

  • Imagine this, you have balance type 1 with a -30.00 and a primary balance type with a positive 30.00... That equals zero balance, and no close code since there is a positive balance that needs to be collected.  
    • If you see this you will need to determine if that is a legitimate negative balance, or a payment forced to the wrong balance type, which needs to be reversed and then applied again to the correct balance type.  
  • Another way you may see this is a conversion related issue when migrating the account from a different software to RMEx. In that case the close code will need to be applied by creating a support ticket.
  • Custom Program - We have seen this when a client has a third party create a program to close accounts, and the program is not closing the accounts correctly. If that is the case, you will need to create a Programming ticket. 

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