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Phone Number Maintenance Option

This option can be found in the I-Tel menu, option 16. I-Tel system control options then option 5. Phone number maintenance options.

Within this option (screen shot attached) you will have the following features.

  1. Add missing area codes – This option allows you to update current records that do not have an area code or exchange. NOTE:  " Not on TZ table " with this option you will be able to add the area code and exchange
  2. Change an area code – This option allows you to change a current area code to another area code. 
  3. Blank - Not used.
  4. I-Tel time zones - Allows you to manually enter area code and exchanges that may be missing from your time zone table. (time zone value must be expressed as a two character numeric value, e.g. " 5" space then 5 for Eastern time zone)
  5. Create area code and time zone files - Used when updated Melissadata.



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