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Setting up a QCat for Week-End Action


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There is an option in RMEx to move accounts to a QCat for weekend action... An example for using this would be to have on your "telephone resident" smart code, after 3 attempts and no contact, move this account to this Qcat to be worked on the weekend...

There are 3 areas involved in setting a QCat up for week-end work

* Create a Qcat to place accounts for weekend action

*  On the "system parameters"  (off system control menu) put the QCat in the field called "QCat for weekend action"

* Create a smart code that will move the accounts to your weekend QCAT by putting a "Y" in the field "next weekend". This can be applied, for example, from an attempt smart code after so many tries.

* When setting up the dates for your nightly, put the next weekend date in the field "next weekend work date".


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