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Options used when Purging Accounts

Below are the System Control options that pertain to purging accounts and the order they should be processed in:

  1. (System control menu 2 - purge) This is the system control file that you will need to set up for the system to select the accounts to process. We recommend you save payment history
  2. (System control menu - close codes) Set up the “days to wait before purging” field (blank=45 days)

Below are descriptions of the purge processing features (all are mandatory unless otherwise stated) and are located on the (purge options menu):

1. Preliminary purge report - Can be run at any time prior to purging and will give you an estimate of how many records will be purged. Is company specific  

2. Information purge - Will actually mark the accounts for purge, create a report(s) of how many records are purged and it will create a record that can be used for future inquires. Is company specific


  • We recommend running the largest company 1st thing in the morning and then run 1 company at a time until finished. Try not to let the information purge run into the nightly processing.
  • If you run the information purge option and have not run the purge work files backup option or delete purge work files option you can run the information purge again. The information purge option will continue to add records to the purge work files. We do not recommend you to do this (unless necessary) because you will not be able to access these accounts while they are in this stage of the purge process. 
  • Running the information purge option can take a considerable amount of time based on the number of accounts selected. There is an option that can be run to "stop" the information purge. Just sign into the company and key in call stoppurge. This will normally end the purge program. When you run this command it will complete the account that it's working on and do a clean stop. This command is only to be used for the information purge option.
    NOTE: Restarting the purge: This is done by taking the Information Purge from the option once again. 

3. Purge detail report – Can be run at any time and gives you a print out of all the account detail for each account that purges. This could be a huge report. Is company specific. Is not a required feature         

4. Purge work files backup – This option backs up the detail for the accounts to be purged. Multiple companies can be backed up on one tape. Purge inquiry cannot be accessed while the backup is running 

  • NOTE: If backing up multiple companies on one tape only initialize the tape for the first company. We recommend you make two copies of each backup in case one becomes corrupted. Save these backups in case of a system crash; as they will be the only electronic version of the detail you have 

5. Delete purge work files – This option will remove the purge work files (the deleted information that you backed up). Is company specific  

6. Purge records - secondary files – This option removes secondary files from previously purged accounts (additional contacts, skip tracing, etc.). The first time this option is taken it should be done on a weekend as it may run for a long time. Is not company specific and it requires a dedicated system.   

7. Remove purge information – This option reorganizes and compresses the AS400 disk space. It requires a dedicated system and may run for a very long time. This feature deals with the AS400 so it is not company specific. Is not a required feature 


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