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Display File Status

This option will provide you with information regarding the RMEx master files:

  • Records - These are the number of records currently on the system. These records use as much disk space as they need to retain all the screens data  
  • Deleted records - These are the number of records that have been deleted or purged from the system. These records use minimal disk space. The RMEx system will reuse this space that has been freed up by the purge as new records are added to the system

NOTE: The deleted records space does not reflect in the I-Series disk space percentages. E.g: The disk space usage may show 60% but if the deleted records numbers are extremely high, the percentage may really be 50%. If these numbers are zero then your disk space usage is accurate.

NOTE: If you want the deleted records space to be reflected in the I-Series disk space percentage, RMEx does have an option for this. The option remove purge information will reorganize the AS400 disk space. This option requires a dedicated system and may run for a very long time.



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