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Statistics by Company

RMEx has reports which will print statistics for clients, collectors and operators. In addition, there are some options which were designed to provide information at a company level. These options can be accessed from (management menu - company statistics).
Note: Some of the options which display or print company statistics can run for a long time.   

The system uses the Payment Transaction codes 01 through 31 to calculate the Month to Date and Year to Date fields.

The Other Income columns is populated with transactions that used Payment Codes 54-59. These transactions also appear on the client statements.

The today column pulls data from the daily transaction files

The month-to-date and year-to-date columns pull data from history files

Note: Some information may be updated within the history files that may not be updated within the daily transaction files. For example, Daily transaction files are not updated with "remove from placement close code information" but the history files are.


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