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Unified Communications Strategy - Using Email, phones, Text, and VoAPPS to drop messages


In this version of RMEx, Quantrax leverages significant investments in automation, artificial intelligence and multiple contract strategies, to create a powerful and flexible multi-channel contact option that is easy to set up and maintain. It is a very important victory in a long competition of ideas driven by years of striving for superior levels of automation and machine-thinking. We call it our “Unified Communications” strategy.

The concept is simple. Today, there are many ways to contact a consumer :

  • Traditional post-office mail
  • Phone calls
  • E-mail
  • Text messaging
  • Dropping messages into voice mail (E.g. VOAPPS)

RMEx has options to do all of the above, sometimes using more than one method. For example, you can use a contact series, selected letters, smart code series and dialer campaigns to accommodate these different requirements. Moving from one communication channel to the other is possible, specially because a contact series supports letters and phone calls. Letters can generate e-mails and text messages too, so we are already able to do some of this. But there are gaps. What if you wanted to send 4 text messages, 5 days apart? A contact series has up to 8 sequences (steps). What if you wanted to have 16 steps, including the repeated steps? It could get complicated and difficult to manage. We solved that problem with the unified series.

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