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Emailing Letters to Consumers

Using RMEx to email letters to consumers: For full details see attachment PDF below. 

  •  Once you have obtained a consumer’s email address, Selected and Contact Series Letters can be emailed.
  •  You will save on postage, save letter printing costs, save time and costs on setting up new letters, save on returned mail costs, and save time on delivery.
  •  You can set up new ‘letters’ either as letters that will be mailed out as usual, or emails that will be sent to consumers electronically, or both.
  • Letter ‘X1’ can be set up to be mailed and a different letter format ‘XE’ can be set-up if that same letter is to be emailed. Same letter content – different format. (Company requirements may exist for new letters)
  • If a consumer has an email address on file and you choose to send a ‘letter’ that is designated as an email, then the system will generate an email instead of a letter.
  • The consumer’s email address is stored in the “Special Address” from the Tab-Q window.
  • Agents can also send emails instead of letters. They have the option to enter an email address and specify whether the letter is to be sent by regular mail, email, or both. Notes are added to the account to provide an audit trail of what was done.
  • E-mailed letter are sent using option 11. Email letters under the Letter format menu.

NOTE: A Smart code in the ?Logic can check if there is an Email address on the account. IT DOES NOT tell you if it is a good or valid email address. 

For information on the address on the account detail screen see:


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