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How To Determine What Program/Option Applied a Smart Code During The Nightly Processing

There are a few simple ways to determine how a Smart code gets applied to an account during the nightly processing:

  • Check an account that got the Smart code and in the notes find the UserID that was used to apply the Smart code. That can give you a qick answer. ex. if the UserID was *CS it means it was applied by a Contact Series (we have a list of system UserIDs in the knowledgebase)
  • Go to the Smart code system controls and look for the function key F5-Where used? at the bottom. Hit F5 and key in the Smart code, it will show you what system control feature may be applying the Smart code 
  • If you think a custom program may be doing it, check with your I.S. folks first, if they do not know what program it is then send it to projects. They will have to research every nightly program to see which one is applying and this could be costly


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