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Description Codes: Controlling Users Actions, Give Warnings, as well as Preventing the DC From Being Added Or Removed (Manually or by Smart Code)

There may be reasons to control an agents actions on an account, whether it is in legal or various other reasons. There are several ways to do this using a Description Code.

For example: To keep  Description Codes from being added or removed, either by a smart code or Manually. To options to control how Description Codes are added or removed can be found at the Description Code level (System Control-> Description code) 

The fields to review are: 

  • Can not be added by user (Y)  
  • Can not be removed by user (Y) 
  • Do not duplicate on links (N)
  • Do NOT remove if new code is to be added to account and all codes are used (Y)

 In most cases if a user is blocked from trying to add or remove a description code they will receive a warning. 

  • You can also block a user from accessing an account though a Description Code using a special warning. 
  • You can control if an account can receive a payment 

Please see the Description Codes for more details. 

NOTE: Please see the help text for each option. You will find in some cases there are ways to setup a persons User ID to allow them to bypass this option and be able to apply or remove the Description Code. 

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