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Using the ?-Logic to Select Data from User-Defined Windows

  • The field name is USERDEFINEWDW


  • The conditions that are allowed are EQ, NE, GT, LT, etc.


  • In the value column you must enter your selection in the following format:

    UD,Xxx,Yy "ZZZZZ"

  • UD = UDW window code (01-99)
  • Xxx =  line number where the data exists (1 - 999) do not use leading zeros
  • Yy = starting position of the data you want to compare (1-80) do not use leading zeros
  • "ZZZZ" =  the value or text that you wish to compare

NOTE: Do not use spaces between each entry (only commas)

NOTE: The wildcard feature is also available, by adding an * at the end of the value you are comparing ("ZZZZ*")

Following are some examples:

1) 05,2,10"RMEx" = This will look for the word "RMEx" in user-defined window 05, line number 2 starting at position 10

2) 58,101,61"Equifax" - This will look for the word "Equifax" in user-defined window 58, line number 101 and starting at position 61


 3) 15,8,25"BLUE*" - Will look for anything starting with blue (wildcard) in user-defined window 15, line number 8 and starting at position 25




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