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Keyesmail and Encryption

E-mailing reports There is an option to encrypt your data using PKZIP for the I-Series. This will allow you to compress and optionally encrypt your attachments. The encrypted attachments can only be opened with a password that can be up to 64 characters long. You will need to be on KeyesMail version 6.0 or higher to use these features. You will also need PKZIP for the I-Series, which does not come with the I-Series, but must be purchased. For more details and downloads and pricing of PKZIP for I-Series, go to:

You will find the option to encrypt, and zip the attachment on the client update menu, by putting a "Y" in "E-mailing options".
Once in this option,  you wiil select the report you want to email. Then you will be presented with another screen for emailing address, email text etc. You will need to put a "Y" in the field "encrypt". Once you have filled in the information and update the screen, you will be presented with  another window for inserting the password. To be able to review the report, the end user must have this password.

Keyesmail version 8 and above no longer requires the purchase of PKZIP for encryption. Encryption can now be accomplished using the encryption that comes standard for PDF's . However, you will need to contact for a program to active this feature. Contact computer keyes ( )if you need to upgrade your keyesmail program.

To find the client update: main menu--> management menu--> client update.

To decrypt and unzip the sent attachment, the receiving party can use the Microsoft Windows (XP or above) built in compression tool, or download a copy of Winzip from




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